Fast Free Social Widget For Blogger

Fast Free Social Widget For Blogger is one of the best social widget for blogger which brings more better looks to your site. With social box on your site or blog brings much powerful linking and social site for all of the users.

Here are some step to add this box to your blogger blog.

       ( Here is preview of this Box )


1. Go to your blogger Dashboard

2. Click on Layout of blogger blog in which you want to add the widget

3. Click on Add a Gadget in layout form of blog.

4. Box appear and scroll down until you find HTML/JavaScript Box.

5. Add the following code in it and save it, Remember replace the YOUR-URL words with your original social URL. Your buttons are now added.


Now if you want to delete any social button from them, Just edit the above code and remove the social button from start to end which is <a class to </a>.

Sample if you want to remove Linked in profile just remove the following code.

   <a class="addthis_button_linkedin_follow" addthis:userid="YOUR-URL"></a>

Enjoy. Is there any problem tell me in comments