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So here you find the avira free antivirus which is free  to download, this software include many new things against the viruses has much powerful security and enhancement of reliability.

Discover our award-winning free antivirus software, which removes malware and protects you against the latest strains of viruses, worms, Trojans and more. Together with the Avira Searchfree Toolbar, it not only keeps your PC clean, it also enhances your privacy and empowers you to safely surf the web. 


Here are some features of this tool.

  • Real-Time Protection: Keeps your PC clean by blocking viruses, worms, Trojans, rootkits and more; 
  • AntiAd/Spyware: Blocks all attempts to spy on you and rids you of annoying adware;
  • Browser Tracking Blocker* - Absolute privacy from companies trying to track your web activities. Included in the Avira Toolbar.
  • Website Safety Advisor* - Rates the Security of websites in your search results. Included in the Avira Toolbar
  • Avira Free AntiVirus protects you from viruses, adware, spyware, back-door programs, dialers, fraudulent software, phishing, and more.
  • An ability to choose when to start the antivirus program during the boot process is a valuable addition that I haven't seen elsewhere.
The new features in Avira are the best part of the 2013 update, but they do come at a price. The company has focused on expanding its security features to cover social networking, tracker blocking, and Web site verification, as well as a huge push into crowdsourced tech support. Longtime Avira Free users no doubt will be delighted that the daily upgrade pop-up will go away permanently if you install the Avira toolbar.

The toolbar has become a major focus for Avira, and the company is using it to provide multiple in-browser security features. The company has partnered with Abine to bolt its Do Not Track Plus tracking and ad blocker to the toolbar. Also in the toolbar is the new Web site reputation adviser, also on loan but from CallingID, and social networking protection courtesy SocialShield, a company Avira bought earlier this year.
A new "Experts Market" is also accessible only from the toolbar. It's crowdsourced tech support, where Avira fans can sell their expertise to others and set their own rates. The Experts Market is designed to connect tech experts to people who are looking to solve tech problems. These user-experts can then charge whatever sum they'd like for their services, and Avira will take a 10 percent commission.

So finally here is the link to Download Avira antivirus latest.

Enjoy is there any problem, ask me in comments.

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