GTA Grand Thief Auto Voice City Game Full Download Compressed

Grand Theft Auto IV 4 Voice city download is one of the most played game on internet which is easily played buy any one person holding a little PC, This is game is one of the powerful games in the world which break the world record in playing.

  • A boy played this game continue near by 48 hours.
  • One Indian boy break this record and make this game most wanted play who played this game more then 72 hours continually.
 So here are some main works of this game.

So now i am explaining the game here one by one.

 This game played under minimum requirement of computer that need to play you can play this game on only and only Pentium III CPU with 512mb of RAM.
It increase the performance and enhance the quality if you played it on higher requirement Computers it also perform well in it.

Game is most powerful and well played so it use 3D graphics in it you can see in images blow that it use the 3d graphics and after playing this game you will know how this game is well designed.
Gaming world just changed when this game appeared in gaming history.
So the pretty game required only low and low 1GB of memory in Hard Drive to play this game. You can reduce the size if you graphics card match the main point to this game then it required only and only 500MB of Hard Disk.

So do you know which one of the game that played most on internet its GTA 4 Voice City. Yes it true that this game played most on internet and provide the new idea of entertainment. This game is always the choice of kids.

  • User friendly:
You really know about the game then you came here to download it i am telling you this game is very easily to under stand just download it and see you can easily run without any problem.

So here is the link to download the game please see the playing requirements again before download, If there is any problem let me know in comments.